Tuesday 22 January 2013


Ilya Rashkovskiy, 1st Prizewinner of the 2005 Hong Kong International Piano Competition performed Schubert and Chopin in the solo segment of his recital (10 October 2012).

The string quartet from the London Chamber Orchestra gave a recital called A Cascade of Strings (11 October 2012). The players were Andrew Haveron and Magnus Johnston on violins, Joel Hunter on viola and Pierre Doumenge on cello.
Giuseppe Andaloro, 1st Prizewinner of the 2011 Hong Kong International Piano Competition, teamed up with the London strings to perform Rachmaninov's Trio Elegiaque No.1 and Shostakovich's Piano Quintet (12 October 2012).

Jinsang Lee, 1st Prizewinner of the 2008 Hong Kong International Piano Competition, brought on Magyar magic in Brahms's Piano Quartet No.1 (13 October 2012) with his partners Andrew Haveron, Joel Hunter and Pierre Doumenge.

Hong Kong music lovers had a chance to attend a five day seminar by well-known British broadcaster and writer Jeremy Siepmann entitled 2012: A Musical Space Odyssey, which dealt with the elements of music, interpretation and music criticism. 

The Joy of Music book club featured the American author Katie Hafner and her wonderful book about Glenn Gould and his piano A Romance on Three Legs. Joining her on stage was Glenn Gould's own piano technician Verne Edquist.

Historical pianism brought to life by technology and Re-Performances. Whoever thought we'd get to hear Glenn Gould performing Bach's Goldberg Variations "live". All thanks to the Zenph technology by John Q.Walker. Here the audience gets to hear and experience Oscar Peterson in real-time.

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